Give Back at Big Sunday's ‘Thanksgiving Stuffing' Event

Join other Southern Californians in prepping food-filled bags on the day ahead of the holiday.

What to Know

  • Wednesday, Nov. 21
  • 9 a.m. to noon
  • 6111 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles

Gravy is, well, gravy, in the different and complimentary sense of the word, and biscuits? Bready bliss.

But the concept of stuffing, that classic and carb-tastic holiday dish, can send a pair of chummy foodie friends in completely opposite directions.

Should the stuffing rock raisins or currants? Are croutons okay or is fresher bread the way to go? And can rosemary overwhelm or enhance?

It's a dish that wears hundreds of different guises, truly. But the Thanksgiving Stuffing set to show up at 6111 Melrose on the morning of Wednesday, Nov. 21 won't deal directly with raisins, rosemary, or any quibble-worthy ingredient; rather, it is something everyone can warmly agree upon.


Because "Thanksgiving Stuffing" isn't an edible stuffing, but rather spirited, help-out morning devoted to a gracious, give-back effort: To "... fill bags with delicious holiday food for thousands of hungry and grateful people."

You can join in, too, by signing up with Big Sunday.

What to expect as you fill those bags with food donated by a host of businesses and organizations? Look for "arts & crafts, great bluegrass music, and, as always, a fun and friendly community breakfast for everyone!"

It all begins at 9 a.m., and wraps up by noon, so you can head home to your own kitchen, to begin your own Thanksgiving preparations, and the making of your own version of stuffing, whether it contains raisins or croutons or rosemary or a bunch of other things that your friends and family especially adore.

And keep in mind that there are other ways to give back with Big Sunday, including donations.

Can you make it to the Melrose HQ on Nov. 21 to fill food bags? Or send some money to the organization in support of our neighbors and communities?

Start here, on this page, gobble gobble. And here's to celebrating stuffing, both the raisin-filled kind and the reason-filled kind, too.

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