Mother's Day

Give Mom Flowers, but Flowers on Top of Tasty Pie

The Pie Hole has bite-sized, blossom-sporting Pie Holes. Buy several and present the diminutive desserts as a decorative "crown" to your mother on her special day.

The Pie Hole

What to Know

  • Flower Pie Holes are $2.95 each or $29.95 per dozen
  • Find The Pie Hole in Glendale, the Arts District, Hollywood, and beyond
  • Mother's Day is Sunday, May 9

There are lots of traditional and whimsical ways to present a pretty plethora of petals to your mother on the second Sunday of May.

They can arrive in a vase, or a decorative bowl, or the sort of delicate and colorful paper that says, via a host of hues, that spring is here.

You can put flowers to canvas, if your mom is a fan of your artwork, and floral jewelry? There's something delicate and adorable about a tiny flat flower inside a charm.

But the flowers that add fabulousness to a flavorful treat feel like the most fanciful of all the flower-based gifts on Mother's Day.

And if those flowers are adding a delicate look to a dessert? You've combined two great things: The charms of a bouquet and the cheerfulness of pie.

Oh, did we say "pie"? We did indeed, for The Pie Hole, which has locations in Glendale, Hollywood, the Arts District, and beyond, is bringing back its flower-topped Pie Holes for Mother's Day.

You can buy them singly, for a nickel under three bucks, but purchase enough of them and you can create a pretty crown shape, out of little bite-sized pies, for your favorite queen.

Call it one of the more unusual expressions of celebratory sweet-tooth-a-tude on the merry May holiday.

If you'd like to go with a dozen, for $29.95, best put your order in before Mother's Day arrives. You can pick it up at your local Pie Hole or go with delivery.

Flowers and pie, but well-combined, for Mother's Day? This is an idea as appetizing and adorable as holiday gift-giving gets. Oh, and the Pie Holes' two flavors? Strawberry and blueberry add to the zingy spring theme.

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