Glass Slide Heads for Downtown Skyscraper

The OUE Skyspace atop the U.S. Bank Tower will include a slide that connects the 70th and 69th floors.

Think back to your childhood, when you loved to draw buildings, the sort of rectangles that not only came with the traditional windows and doors but also legs and antennae and Saturn-like rings and a cool glass slide waaaay near the top to top off a host of fantastical features.

Structures don't yet have legs or antennae -- though surely that's coming -- but the tallest building west of the Mississippi is about to make your childhood coloring book dream a reality: The U.S. Bank Tower's upcoming OUE Skyspace will include a glass slide that phooshes guests from the 70th floor to the 69th.

Yes, "phooshes," for that is the sound one makes while flying down a glass-bottomed slide, especially, we imagine, a slide that is 70 floors above the street below.

DTLAexplorer, which has been covering the unusual, and unusually high, observation deck set to arrive in the downtown area in June, sounded an emphatic "OMG!" at word of the glass slide, an exclamation surely to be seconded by many upon encountering it.

How many feet does the Skyslide sit above terra firm? Around 1,000, a figure that's sure to put it in the seemingly fictional realm of super, totally, waaaay up there experiences, like the X-Scream at The Stratosphere in Las Vegas and Skywalk near Grand Canyon National Park.

Making the OUE Skyspace slide a bit different from playground slides is the fact that there will be admission to the observation deck. It's $25, a get-in fee which will allow visitors the chance to wander about the art-laden location and enjoy the 360-degree views.

Oh yes, and the slide outside.

The only question that remains for those willing to try LA's cloud-close glass slide is this: eyes opened or eyes closed? Does anything else need to be discussed at this point?

You don't need to answer that brain-twister -- and heart-twister -- just yet, but you will need to move on tickets soon, if you want to be at the OUE Skyspace in its early opening days. Tickets for the lofty look-around space go on sale to the public on Friday, March 18. 

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