Orange County

Go Beyond the Veil in Ghostly Orange

Visit the historic Royer Mansion, and hear tales of the old town, on this Orange Ghost Walk

What to Know

  • Saturday, Jan. 11
  • 90-minute tour (begins at the Royer Mansion lawn)
  • Tickets start at $23

Did you spend some of the yuletide reading the yarns of the Victorian era? The ones where spirits visited Scrooge-y sorts in the dead of night, in the dead of winter, all to deliver some truly chilling news?

The wintertime scare-big story is as old as some of our oldest and most beloved phantom fables, and claiming that eerie accounts belong only to October is to claim an unfamiliarity with how popular cold-weather terror tales have long been.

If you're in the mood for some beyond-the-veil tales, paired with historic sites in one of Orange County's most fable-filled cities, best make for Orange on Saturday, Jan. 11 for Haunted OC's Orange Ghost Walk.

The eveningtime stroll-about will call upon the Royer Mansion, one of the town's most story-laden locations, as well as other colorful spots.

Even if you've been to the historic district a few times, you may pick up a fresh anecdote or two, though they'll be anecdotes with a side of eeky.

Bundling up, cozy-style, for some spirited sauntering? It really is a skin-prickling pleasure of wintertime, especially since our SoCal falls can be on the warmer side.


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Book your ticket soon for this Orange adventure, especially if you've been primed by various Christmas ghosts for some more thrilling yarns.

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