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Go Forest Bathing by the Light of the Flower Moon

Registration is open for the evening event at the Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden.

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What to Know

  • May 25 or 26, 7-9 p.m. each night
  • $25 Arboretum members and $30 general public
  • Limited capacity

Outdoor adventures have flowered around Southern California as robustly as a fabulous field of bright poppies in recent months, with various parks, gardens, and nature-focused destinations offering a host of activities that can be enjoyed in the open air.

But for the most part?

These de-stressing pursuits are lit by sunlight, not moonlight, which makes sense, as most alfresco goings-on tend to be scheduled when our nearest star is high in the sky.

There are some lush and leafy locations that occasionally stay open up through sunset, and even a bit beyond, however, all to give fans of flowers, trees, and our local wildlife a taste of what twilight brings in such spots.

Look to the Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden in Arcadia, which has become known as a place for post-sundown doings, from the bigger illuminated events of bygone holidays seasons to smaller and more intimate moonlit walks.

Several of those walks, oriented around the beloved Japanese concept of forest bathing, are on the Arboretum's calendar as spring 2021 deepens, and each is atmospheric and peace-bringing in their own way.

But mavens of the moon may want to look to the two evenings flowering near the end of May, when these forest bathing excursions, which are limited to fifteen people each, will flower.

And speaking of flowers?

The full moon that arrives near the end of May is called the Flower Moon, making it an ideal and oh-so-poetic source of light as you stroll among the bursting blossoms of the 127-acre property.

A property that is also famous for, yes, its flamboyant flock of peacocks, so you just might hear one of the local bird's distinctive cries while out and about.

There are some safety guidelines to know (you'll want to remember your face covering), so do read all before purchasing your ticket.

Capacity is limited, and outdoor happenings are proving popular, so book soon if you'd like to bathe in this forest-y setting as our lovely lunar satellite hits its monthly peak full-moon-a-tude.

For all of the Arboretum's forest bathing opportunities, and sound baths, too, saunter by the pretty property's calendar now.

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