Go Get Em Tiger's One-Day-Only Thanksgiving Sips

The Highland Park location is throwing a sweet 'n offbeat Thanksgiving Carnival, complete with quirky beverages.

Where do the beverages of autumn, the pumpkin-dominated treats that seem perfect for quaffing in some sort of scarecrow-dotted patch, meet the drinks of Christmastime?

The answer is an easy one: Thanksgiving, the holiday that keeps one foot in the fall traditions, which makes sense, given that it is still, yes, fall, and one foot in the fa, la, la-ing of the holiday season to come.

Go Get Em Tiger recognizes the holiday's unique ability to exuberantly exist between these two worlds, and will, once again, pay homage to T Day via both a carnival (yes, that's on the holiday itself) and a line-up of fall/Christmas drinks.

The cool coffeehouse's Highland Park location, on Figueroa, will be the setting for the Thanksgiving Carnival, which will frolic from 8 in the morning through to 2 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day.

That's Nov. 22, yes, in 2018, but then your turkey-shaped calendar is surely keeping you informed on that front. (And surely you have such a thing prominently displayed.)

A sippable centerpiece of the carnival, which will include a petting zoo, face painting, and more sweet sights? Those offbeat, one-day-only drinks that Go Get Em Tiger is now famous for come Thanksgiving Day.

Prepare to quaff a pumpkin spice latte that includes the following: Pumpkin cream cheese topping, pumpkin spice syrup, milk, nutmeg caramel, espresso, boba, big hunk of pepita brittle.

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On the yuletide end of the drink menu? There's the toffee nut latte, which includes, yes, "toffee noodles" and arrives in an old-school "Cup o' Noodles"-inspired cup.

The best bit of the Thanksgiving Carnival? The "passport to try all drinks."

But wait: Far better than that best bit? The fact that the Downtown Women's Center is the day's beneficiary and recipient of the event's proceeds. 

Go Get Em Tiger's pop-up Thanksgiving morning party has become one of the quirkiest must-dos on the meal-famous day, and a way to get your non-spirited drink on, if you do love flavors like gingerbread and pumpkin and cider and peppermint and such.

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