Go on a Virtual Nature Adventure With OC Parks

Both opossums and king snakes will be in the spotlight as the final days of June unfold.

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What to Know

  • Free
  • Weekday content for kids
  • Opossum rescue is on June 24, while a California king snake spotlight slithers on June 26

Even if you haven't been to your favorite park lately, and a toodle down a beloved trail is still in the future for your family, your kids can still find nature-focused activities online, the kind of happenings that both educate and entertain.

And occasionally elicit random "so cool" or "so gross" (which, yes, may mean the same thing to a child, depending upon what oozy flower or weird animal they're seeing).

OC Parks has kept up a smart schedule of free online happenings, each and every weekday, for most of the springtime.

That meant that at-home kids could tune in to learn about local butterflies or geckos or poppies or other great and growing things found around the county's coolest parks.

And, yes, that parents could peek over their tot's shoulder and also learn something new, too.

The online classes are continuing, and opossums are up on June 24, specifically "Opossum Rescue."

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The adorable, pointy-of-nose critters haven't yet topped cats for online celebrityhood, but there's a robust opossum community out there, meaning this free #WildlifeWednesday session could be mighty popular.

And on Friday, June 26?

It's #FeatureFriday, and the California king snake is the slithering star. Again, plenty of snake aficionados will be checking this out, to learn about the reptile and where it slithers around Orange County.

The content is free, and kid-ready, and very outdoorsy and nature-loving in tone.

If your favorite trail or hike is still a few weeks out, but you want your kid to have some time among animals, leafy things, and the wilder world, make a date with the OC Parks team now.

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