Gobbler Rolls and Fairy Bread Pie Grace a Pop-up Pie Shop

Strings of Life in West Hollywood is baking a bevy of fanciful goodies, but only for a limited time. Want a pie for Thanksgiving? Do order ahead.

S.O.L. Pie Shop

What to Know

  • S.O.L. Pie Shop at Strings of Life
  • 8535 Melrose Avenue
  • Gobbler Sausage Rolls, Fairy Bread Cream Pie, and other treats with Australian flair will be available for pick-up and pre-order starting Nov. 15; order Thanksgiving pies by Nov. 19

Pies juicily hold court in July, thanks to all of those strawberry-centered, apple-tangy confections on the Fourth of July buffet.

You'll also see pies pop up in the spring, with coconut, rhubarb, and other fanciful flavors adding zing to Easter lunches and Mother's Day brunches.

But pie and November are a tight twosome, the bestest of buddies, especially when we get closer to the month's turkey-tasty, gravy-luscious conclusion.

Where, though, will you buy your pie in 2021, if you don't plan on baking one?

There will be numerous tempting options around town, but Strings of Life Café, the Melbourne-merry eatery based in West Hollywood, is putting an Australian twist on the occasion.

Fairy bread, that colorful treat that's a teatime icon in both Australia and New Zealand, is popping up on the menu of the restaurant's limited-time S.O.L. Pie Shop, but in decadent pie form.

Meet the Fairy Bread Cream Pie, a delectable that includes coconut cake, raspberry jam, and coconut cream, plus oodles of rainbow sprinkles on top.

It's available starting on Nov. 15, but if you'd like a whole pie for Thanksgiving, you'll need to pre-order by Nov. 19.

The price for the gluten-free and dairy-free delight? It's $8 for a slice and $45 for a whole pie.

Savory sausage rolls are also a foodie favorite Down Under, and the pop-up S.O.L. Pie Shop will feature a Gobbler Sausage Roll for $10.

Described as a "classic Thanksgiving dinner" in sausage roll form, the hearty snack is wrapped in puff pastry, with "... potato stuffing, green beans, and served with cranberry mostarda" adding feast-y flavors galore.

Looking for more pies to pie-up your late November celebrations?

Caramel Cream Pie, Lemon Meringue Pie, and a Basque Cheesecake are all on the S.O.L. Pie Shop roster, in addition to seasonal drinks like Sticky Masala Chai Latte.

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