Golden Globes Sip: The Coffeetail

LAVAZZA's Coffeetial No. 51 will be served at the starry celebration.

The Golden Globes is a stand-out celebration for numerous reasons. It honors both film and television work, for one, while many other entertainment awards ceremonies spotlight one or the other.

It happens at a hotel, and long has, The Beverly Hilton, rather than an auditorium-type setting.

And, most charmingly, and perhaps commented-upon of all? It's a dinner, complete with drinks and desserts, which gives those watching at home much to comment on, and, if they're so emboldened, to try and cook or make beforehand.

Which leads up to this: The days ahead of the Golden Globes are filled not just with nominee chatter but also recipe sneak peeks, which not only give film and TV fans an idea as to what their favorite stars'll be sipping and supping upon but gives those of us at home a chance to shop for ingredients, if we're so inclined.

And if you're inclined towards coffee, but of the adult-beverage-y sort, check out the caffeinated, spirited libation that'll be in the hands of nominees and other guests on Sunday, Jan. 8 inside The Beverly Hilton's International Ballroom: LAVAZZA's Coffeetail No. 51.

The Italy-based company has revealed the ingredients for the cocktail, which includes: 3 parts ginger ale, 2 parts cold brew coffee concentrate, 2/3 part vodka, a splash of Grand Marnier, a splash of simply syrup, sliced lemon, orange, and cucumber, Maraschino cherries, and fresh mint.

The directions? "Fill a 12 oz. glass with ice. In a shaker, combine cold brew, Grand Marnier, vodka, and syrup; pour over ice. Top with ginger ale. Decorate with wheels or slices of orange and/or a lemon. Skewer cherries and cucumber wedges. Garnish with mint."

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Of course, keep in mind that the 74th annual Golden Globes does have a start time of 5 p.m. on Jan. 8, so ponder making your Coffeetail earlier in the afternoon, while you watch the red carpet action (or using decaffeinated coffee for the fancy concoction).

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