Golden Globes: What's on the Menu

Short ribs and Champagne are two tasty additions to the starry sup.

Awards shows tend to be in theaters, and theaters tend to have the same seat configuration, time after time after time: rows faces the stage, period.

Which means that viewing a televised awards show can mean staring at all of those rows of celebrities as they stare at the stage.

But not the Golden Globes, right? The celebrities are eating, or have eaten, and their imbibing and quaffing and fiddling with the flower centerpiece and borrowing another celebrity's fork. The seating is at circular tables, meaning some actors' backs are to the stage, meaning they have to swivel in their chair, back and forth, to catch all the action.

It makes for some good television, that's for dang sure, but a large part of our Globe-focused fascination has to do with the dinner element. Everyone eats the same thing inside the Beverly Hilton's International Ballroom, pretty much, versus other awards shows, where movie stars claim to have grabbed a burger on the way. (True? Good PR? Both?)

The Golden Globes 2014 menu, which was unveiled for reporters at the landmark hotel on Friday, Jan. 3, is going "contemporary global" but with a plenty of local SoCal ingredients and flavor notes.

The appetizer? There are a trio of tastes, including grilled eggplant with a sun-dried tomato hummus, grilled artichoke and tabbouleh, and sweet pepper and feta cheese (with a zing of pomegranate).

The main course? It's a short rib, but think Mediterranean spice and smoked filet of trout.

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The dessert is architectural in its elegance, and mango-marvelous at its custard-like heart. An almond sponge cake and chocolate and creme notes on the plate complete the colorful presentation.

Wait, that's not true: Moet & Chandon was in the house, or Hilton, rather, which makes sense: The centuries-old House of Bubbly is the "Champagne sponsor" for the Golden Globes. Yep, the stars really are consuming a goodly amount of liquid passion during the proceedings.

It's fancy eating, for sure, as one would expect during the swank awards show. If only more dress-up events gave us the round tables and flutes of Champagne and turned around chairs and spilled drinks and dropped napkins.

Rows facing a stage have their charms, but watching celebrities at sip and chat at round tables is a pleasure that's pretty much been trademarked, in spirit, by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's big January dinner party.

The 71st annual Golden Globe Awards is on Sunday, Jan. 12, live from the Beverly Hilton.

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