Golden Road Unveiled Its Fan-Named Dodgers Blonde Ale

"Brew Heaven," the winning entry from fan Zacharias Gardea, is an ode to Dodger Stadium's nickname "Blue Heaven on Earth."

Golden Road Brewing/Chris Stein

What to Know

  • Brew Heaven, a blonde ale, is a sippable salute to the LA Dodgers; the beer will debut in time for Opening Day 2022
  • Golden Road Brewing received "thousands of submissions" from Dodgers fans
  • Fan Zacharias Gardea suggested the name as a tribute to that "Blue Heaven on Earth," Dodger Stadium

Raising something cold, frosty, and delicious to the Dodgers' incredible NLDS Game 5 win?

Plenty of fans did just that on Oct. 14, 2021, in a show of elated celebration, enduring support, and full-on, blue-big bliss.

But soon there will be something new and blue, at least in spirit, in the cold beverage case at several regional stores, and definitely at Golden Road Brewing, which created the Dodgers-saluting sip.

It's called Brew Heaven, a fan-suggested name for Golden Road's Dodgers Blonde Ale.

Thousands of Dodgers devotees entered the brewhouse's recent re-naming contest, but Brew Heaven, a playfully respectful salute to that "Blue Heaven on Earth," Dodger Stadium, was chosen.

Zacharias Gardea made the winning pick, which was announced by third baseman Justin Turner earlier in October.

The prizes?

They're as sweet as an ultra-solid line drive is satisfying: Mr. Gardea snagged VIP tickets to a 2022 Dodgers game, as well as a $350 gift card to spend at that beloved Blue Heaven on Earth, the inspiration behind his winning suggestion.

Oh yes, and a meeting with Justin Turner is on deck, too.

"As a lifelong Dodgers fan, it is a great honor to name a new craft beer inspired by this world-class organization and its best-in-the-sport fan base," said Mr. Gardea.

"Not only is the name Brew Heaven influenced by Dodger Stadium, AKA 'Blue Heaven on Earth,' it also rolls easily off the tongue. You can imagine yourself at Golden Road Brewery saying 'I'll take a Brew Heaven, please.' I hope Brew Heaven makes Dodgers fans proud. Salud!"

Tommy Lasorda, who served as the team's manager's from 1976 through 1996, famously said "Dodgers Stadium is Blue Heaven on Earth."

Nothing bluer can be truer, as the Dodgers advance to the 2021 National Championship League Series and foam-loving fans looking forward to enjoying a cup of Brew Heaven, inside the Blue Heaven, next season, when the beer will officially debut.