Goodbye House of Blues Sunset, Hello Hotel

The roadhouse-style venue will make way for a larger development.

When one hears that a music venue or concert hall has a date with a bulldozer, the immediate reaction is to rhapsodize about a show seen there, the perfect night, the perfect cocktail, a great first date.

And many an Angeleno is now recalling the night they rocked out to Warren Zevon, Chris Isaak, the Go-Go's, and a thousand other acts at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip. The roadhouse-style venue, one of the most recognizable buildings on the Strip thanks to its front porch, roof-topped tower and fiery heart symbol, is said to be set for demolishment.

What's ahead for that corner of Sunset Boulevard and Sanborn Avenue, should the speculated demolishment go through? Bloomberg reports that a "record number of developments" are headed for one of Southern California's most legendary thoroughfares, with an emphasis on sleek stayover spots. AECOM and Combine Properties Inc. are behind the complex set for the House of Blues corner, which will feature a hotel, condos, and rentals.

And, yep, "an entertainment venue," in case you're worried that music on that fabled corner will fall totally silent.

Regular and big-scale change in a happening location can produce bittersweet feelings, like locals in Las Vegas feel as they watch their own Strip evolve, change, tear down, and build. Perhaps places on that front edge of show business and culture must naturally face that flow, but it can still make music fans experience a heart-tug over all the concerts they saw at a venue, and the fact that the venue will be no more.

Well, not exactly. The Sunset-located House of Blues is not the only HOB, of course -- there's still one in Anaheim that's within driving distance for most SoCalers -- nor was it the first (that distinction goes to the Cambridge, Massachusetts venue). Yep, Dan Aykyroyd is a name much associated with the chain -- he's a co-founder -- but the Hard Rock Cafe's own Isaac Tigrett was also at the helm.

As for HOB Sunset? It marks twenty years in 2014. What shows did you see back in the '90s? Any bands that went on to make it very, very big? 

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