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‘Gourmet in the Garden' Debuts at Descanso Gardens

The Kitchen at Descanso Gardens is now offering two fresh choices: Dine at the destination's Magnolia Lawn or opt for 'Gourmet to Go.'

Descanso Gardens

What to Know

  • La Cañada Flintridge
  • Reserve a table on the Magnolia Lawn or take your meal to go
  • Orders must be made at least 48 hours in advance

Autumn in Southern California is certainly bewitching, and we don't even need to see the Halloween decorations lining store aisles to tell us so.

The weather? It's definitely not made for sweaters. Even the lightest scarf needs to stay on its hook for nippier November days.

And yet? Some local trees are flirting with early foliage, and the notion of leaving their green leafiness behind as they embrace a more autumnal appearance.

Which means that dining out under the sky, in a lush, garden-beautiful setting, gives us the best of both worlds: A comfortable, cuisine-cool experience in a natural world that is beginning to delightfully go through one of its most pronounced changes of the year.

To help us savor that sweetness even more, The Kitchen at Descanso Gardens has just introduced two new ways to enjoy its appetizing offerings.

Way #1? It's called Gourmet in the Garden, and if you're hoping that the name means you can sup in a spectacular spot at the La Cañada Flintridge spread, know that your hope will be met.

For you'll be able to dine on the Magnolia Lawn, once you've picked your meal up at a kiosk in the courtyard near the Descanso Gardens entrance.

You'll also want to make a reservation, to help the staff plan for social distancing when it comes to the seating plan.

And, for sure: You'll need a ticket to enter the gardens or a membership, and you'll want to keep your party to four people or fewer.

Would you rather take your food home? The second option is Gourmet to Go, which is exactly what it sounds like: You can enjoy your salad, sandwich, or main in your own garden at your own abode.

You'll need to order at least 48 hours ahead of time.

The menu?

It's as tempting as a stroll in the Camellia Garden on a bright September morning. Choose a salad, like Caprese, add a protein, like salmon, and don't forget dessert (California Almond Cake is one delectable).

Descanso Gardens will also break out the pumpkins, lots and lots of pumpkins, in October. Reserve ahead if you'd like to take in some of the seasonal, open-air displays that will line the space's pretty walkways.

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