Grand Park Party: Taco Festival Time

Admission is free, but stash some cash for the trying of many tacos.

national taco day

While one rarely approaches a large-scale taco-themed spectacular with the exact number of tacos they intend to consume fixed within their mind, there is a question as to what sort of taco will be the launch taco of the entire enterprise.

For example, when you make for Grand Park on Saturday, Aug. 20 to attend the annual LA Taco Festival, do you A) go for the calabacitas taco you love the best as your starter or do you B) try something completely new, perhaps something from the grilled shrimp category, before you truly jump into the full taco spectrum?

Decisions, et cetera, but they're good decisions, and ones you'll need to make should you show at the downtown-based fundraiser for Jovenes, Inc., an organization devoted to assisting the homeless youth of our region.

There's no admission to enter the festival, though do consider making a donation to Jovenes, Inc., and showing some love. Want to know more about all of the important programs the group supports? Start here.

And you'll want some cash on hand, the better to try the Al Pastor or piquant chicken selections from on-the-scene food trucks like Kogi, Oaxaca on Wheels, Taqueria El Pacifico, and Sabores de Mexico.

Start time is noon, goodbye time is 8 o'clock, and the eight hours that fill the festival consist of prime taco-devouring time. (Of course, if it is a time on a clock, it is time to eat tacos.)

It's the 6th annual party, by the by, and you don't even need to jump into the car to reach it: Metro's nearby, which saves you time searching for space, which means you'll be at your first taco of the day that much sooner. 

But will it be your most favorite taco type, your go-to, or something completely different from your usual yearnings? (Solution: Buy both as your first tacos, then alternate a few bites.)

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