West Hollywood

Gratin Fries Have Arrived in the Nic of Time

Nic's on Beverly is the place for this potato-perfect mash-up.

Danielle Adams

What to Know

  • Nic's on Beverly
  • Kennebec Potato Gratin Fries
  • $10

The word "mash" comes up quite often when discussing potatoes, and all of the deliciousness that the superstar spuds so readily deliver.

Specifically? We use "mash" when talking about mashed potatoes.

But it turns out that there are mash-ups in the realm of potatoes, the interesting and creative concoctions that arise when the ideas behind two distinct potato dishes are, well, mashed together.

One of the most intriguing?

It's what's happening now at Nic's on Beverly in West Hollywood. At first glance, these particular potatoes seem to be French fries, but a closer look tells you that you're dealing with, oh goodness, gratin.

That's right: French fries and potato gratin have finally been united in one ketchup-dippable, oh-so-snackable, entirely holdable foodstuff.


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The name of this fresh expression of potato perfection? Kennebec Potato Gratin Fries.

Because, let's be real: You can't actually hold traditional gratin, which includes cheese and eggs and other yummy ingredients, in your hands.

Well, you can, but, you know... have a napkin nearby.

But gratin that's been sliced into a French fry shape? Hand it over; our fingers are ready.

The restaurant introduced gratin fries in the fall of 2019 as a luscious side to the popular Falafel Burger, but what happened is what you can pretty much guess would happen: Guests loved the gratin fries a lot. As in, A LOT, because gratin and fries are really two hard-to-get-wrong potato classics.

So Nic's decided to give the gratin fries their own spotlight, and sell them separately. They're ten bucks, if you simply want to swing by and try a plate.

Hoo boy. Find a new spin on French fries, complete with satisfying layers of gratin-y goodness, and more texture than a standard fry has to offer?

Sign us up for this new and utterly nummy mash-up, please and thank you.

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