Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory Welcomes Winter with Free Talks

There's a solstice-focused event at local noon on the winter solstice, and another at sunset.

Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

What to Know

  • Saturday, Dec. 21
  • Local noon at the Gottlieb Transit Corridor
  • Sunset at the West Terrace

Winter, in popular culture, is all about wool turtlenecks and large mugs of steaming cocoa and scrunchie socks and knitted hats and the hundreds of other touchstones that immediately telegraph that our coldest season has arrived.

And yet? If you make your way to a place of astronomy, the sort of institution that skips the cocoa and scrunchie socks in favor of a more cosmic conversation, you'll hear more about daytimes and nighttimes and the equator and what our planet is up to as it journeys through space.

Are we saying that scrunchie socks and space-minded conversations can't coexist? We are not, so don your favorite knitted hat and turtleneck and make for Griffith Observatory on Saturday, Dec. 21.

That's the day of the winter solstice, and while the new season officially kicks off that evening here in the NoHem (Northern Hemisphere, if you prefer), the historic hub of galactic goodness will feature two earlier-in-the-day talks on just what the start of wintertime means (beyond cocoa, warm socks, and such).

The times? Local noon, which is not noon-noon, as you surely know, but a bit before, and sunset, which is actually sunset in this case.

The earlier talk happens at the Gottlieb Transit Corridor while the early evening event takes place on the West Terrace.


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What do you know about the winter solstice, beyond the fact that it seems to get dark fairly soon after it gets light? Time to brush up on all of the brrr-ful facts, courtesy of a sky-watching pro, at that great observatory on the hill.

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