Griffith Park Just Got Its Own ‘Local's Guide'

Mountaineers Books published the in-depth look at the trail-filled wonderland in May.


What to Know

  • "Discovering Griffith Park: A Local's Guide" by Casey Schreiner
  • Mountaineers Books
  • $18.95

The grand green spaces found in the middle of many cities?

There's so much to admire, from the parks' elegant fountains to their ornate bridges to their many ponds, ice rinks, and fancy water features.

But not every city park is like every other city park, even if they share similarities, and that sentiment goes triple, if not quadruple, for Griffith Park.

It's a city park born inside a dream factory, a place that's not overly fond of straight lines but rather celebrates nature's curves, the valleys and dells and peaks that were already part of the planet.

It's a lore-laden place at the oaky heart of a major metropolis, a rambling, secret-filled sanctuary that's the hilly home to all sorts of animals, including a coterie of beloved mountain lions.

To celebrate Griffith Park, and to help those who visit it once a month, or week, or day to get to know it even better, Mountaineers Books just released "Discovering Griffith Park: A Local's Guide."

Casey Schreiner, Modern Hiker's founder and editor, is the guide's author.

The tome takes a deep dive, or, er, hike into the park's 4,300-plus acres, looking at over 30 hikes along the some 70 miles of trails found within the spacious spread's borders.

Thinking of returning to Griffith Park soon, for a short walk, some fresh air, and to bask in a few sunbeams? You can order the book straight from the publisher.

Price? It's $18.95.

Knowing more about Griffith Park? That's worth quite a bit, especially if has become your place of peace, where you go to collect your thoughts and connect with nature, a tree-packed treasure that's unlike any other city park anywhere.

Love it so? Up your Griffith Park gratitude, and knowledge, now.

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