Gussy Up for New ‘Throwback Nite' at Disneyland

Live bands after sundown and special photo opportunities are swinging into the theme park in 2018.

Calling upon The Happiest Place on Earth after the sun makes its final dramatic bow for the day?

Plenty of Southern Californians can describe this particular evening experience to a (Mad) T(ea Party), from how the Matterhorn looks fully lit up to the best spot on Main Street for fireworks to the ethereal glow Space Mountain seems to mysteriously exude.

But what many of those same Disneyland devotees haven't experienced, even if they've been at the Anaheim destination over a hundred nights, is what used to happen frequently at the theme park back in the second half of the '50s and much of the 1960s.

There used to be dancing during that era, as in park guests taking to the dance floor, and live bands, too. 

And if your parents or grandparents have told you charming stories of swinging and sashaying just a short stroll from Fantasyland, well, you likely have felt more than a twinge of jealousy. Did you throw thunderbolts to the sky in the style of a great Disney villain? Probably not, but envy is a powerful thing, indeed.

But be not envious, and unhand those thunderbolts at once, for that spirit of swinging, twirling a partner, and clapping along to live tunes is returning to 1313 Disneyland Drive on Thursday, Jan. 18, 2018.

That's the official launch date of Disneyland After Dark, a series of special nighttime events, and the one happening on that particular evening?

It's called Throwback Nite, and the vibe shall be mightily vintage. "Live music and dancing bring the bygone era to life throughout the park," reveals the Disneyland blog, while a "vintage-inspired park map" is one of the special keepsakes of the night, in addition to a lanyard.

Be ready, also, to pose for a snapshot in a series of locations around Disneyland. Unlimited downloads? They'll be part of your admission to Throwback Nite.

Dance-ready wear, the kind of outfits worn by revelers circa 1961, is a good fashion goal to keep in mind, but, of course, don the outfit you like. "Come dressed in your best" is the park's recommendation.

Though do keep in mind that a warm cardigan, a jaunty sweater set, or well-cut blazer is never a bad idea around the middle of January when one is outside frolicking under the stars. So if "your best" involves something a bit cozy, go with it.

Disneyland After Dark, "an ongoing series of unique events," will continue after Throwback Nite, so stay tuned for what's in store when the sun goes down and the Matterhorn lights up.

Tickets to Throwback Nite go on sale soon. If you're a Disneyland Resort Annual Passholder, circle the 30th of November on your calendar, while tickets available to the general public will go on sale on Thursday, Dec. 7.

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