Häagen-Dazs Free Cone Day

Stop by your local shop for the afternoon-into-evening giveaway.

When people proclaim that they're a "night owl" or a "morning bird," what they may or may not be saying, between the lines, is that 4 o'clock in the afternoon really isn't their cup of tea.

So cups of tea are made -- one or two or five -- just to get through the dreaded afternoon slump. (Which, by the way, no one ever boasts they're an "afternoon slumper," ever, when asked about their best stretch of the day.)

There shall be get-through-the-afternoon help, however, on Tuesday, May 10. That's Free Cone Day at Häagen-Dazs, and while the annual event is a brisk and tasty four hours, it lands right where it needs to in terms of where the clock tests most of us the most: 4 p.m., not lunchtime, not dinner, but rather the exact the time of day when a pick-me-up hits the spot.

Your personal 4 to 8 p.m. pick-me-up might be a free scoop of mint chip, cherry vanilla, or classic chocolate. Free Cone Day is all about enjoying a single kiddie scoop, whether that scoop arrives on a cake cone, a sugar cone, or in a cup.

As for where to find your local shop? Burbank, Anaheim, Orange, Glendale, Newport Beach, and The Grove are your spot for your free Häagen-Dazs sweet.

Just recall the hours on May 10: It's on 4 in the afternoon right through to 8 in the evening. Is that the treat-needing-est time of the day? Many an early bird and night owl would say this is so.

For all the flavors and umlaut-tastic doings behind the 10th anniversary of Free Cone Day, point your spoon in this direction.

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