Halfway to Halloween: Help Prep the Beloved Anaheim Halloween Parade's Big 100th Year

It's six months to the sweet celebration, but you can join an early effort to get things going for the famous procession.

Anaheim Fall Festival and Halloween Parade

What to Know

  • The Anaheim Fall Festival and Halloween Parade celebrates 100 years on Saturday, Oct. 29
  • The homespun happening is one of the oldest Halloween events in California
  • Volunteers are invited to stop by the parade warehouse on Saturday, April 22 to begin some "light work" and discussion about the upbeat autumn event

The anticipation that's involved when it comes to waiting for a parade to turn a corner, one you can kind-of-sort-of-barely see in the distance?

It's real, especially if the procession has been around for a long time and gained many fans along the way.

But parade-based anticipation begins much earlier than the special day when the happening grandly rolls through the heart of a town: Dedicated volunteers begin preparing the adorable floats and community-cute decorations several months in advance.

That prep is about to begin on one of Southern California's oldest on-the-roll celebrations, the Anaheim Halloween Parade, which takes place on the same day as the festive and not-too-frightful Fall Festival.

If you grew up loving this spirited spectacular, which features a spunky ant mascot — that would be Andy Anaheim, of course — there's a way to help out on Saturday, April 22.

The event's organizers will gather at the parade warehouse "for general discussion, taking stock of what we have, and clean up."

"If you'd like to help, no construction or special skills are necessary for these activities, we'd love to see you there" advises an April 14 post on social media.

Good to know? It'll all begin in the afternoon, just in case you're volunteering at an Earth Day event in the morning.

Also good to know? The parade is marking its centennial in 2023, making this an especially meaningful year to pitch in and play an important role.

For more information, the warehouse's address, and more, visit this page now.

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