Halloween Horror Nights: Commuting with Monsters

A charming and chilling new video ponders how the scare-actors of Universal Studios Hollywood arrive at work.

Halloween Horror Nights

If you've ever been inside a car or bus in Los Angeles, you've likely waited at your share of stoplights and intersections.

And if you have, you may have taken a few seconds to ponder the people sitting in the vehicles in the immediate area.

Three common questions you may have mulled over as you stared at the strangers around you? In no particular order: "What are their dreams?" "What are their life goals?" And "are they going to a job where they put on a giant creature head and stomp around on stilts?"

For this is LA, where people actually do head to work in order to transform into monsters on various film and TV shows. And there's a large grouping of monsters heading up to Universal City these days, hundreds in fact, because they have important jobs to perform at Halloween Horror Nights.

The yearly mid-September-to-early-November scare spectacular is famous for its frightening line-up of beasties, baddies, Chuckys, and Freddys, too, and, yes, all of those villains have to arrive at work, somehow, before creeping out Halloween-loving guests who enter the theme park's gates.

A new video answers our curiosity on this matter. It shows some of the Halloween Horror Nights scare-actors crossing the bridge over Lankershim Boulevard, the one that leads to the Metro station, and then boarding a tram, along with a host of non-monstrous theme park visitors.

Clocking in, too, is a must for monsters arriving on the job.

So what is that person thinking in the car next to you? About their goals, their dreams, or how they'll be Freddy Krueger or a walker from "The Walking Dead" in just a matter of hours? 

Again we say: Hey, it's LA.

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