Halloween Horror Nights: “Choose Your Scare”

Fans of the eerie autumn attraction can pick the macabre maze they want to visit most.

If you've ever taken on the eerie and somewhat arduous task of constructing a yard haunt -- one of those Halloween night walk-throughs the neighborhood kids look forward to all year -- then you know putting on a few scares isn't a walk in the park.

There's plywood to nail and blacklight to install and creepy music to play and you need to round up some willing pals to play the ghouls. It's a labor of love, yes, but haunted house-building consumes time.

Good thing, then, that the dastardly crew behind Halloween Horror Nights is starting early. True, the popular Universal Studios Hollywood event, an autumn staple, doesn't just arise overnight. But this time around the fans are being asked to help pick their favorite "Scare Zone" from three choices.

And the top choice? Why that's the one they'll stage, this fall, at Universal. Eek.

Voting opened on Wednesday, June 4. And the choices? Get ready to peek through splayed fingers, if you must. "Corps" has a World War I feel, with trenches and a graveyard. "Mask-a-Raid" takes the ye olden French aristocracy scene and imbues it with le fright. (Now we're picturing the undead rocking those tall powdered wigs.) And "Ghoulz" boasts a 19th-century France grave robbers theme.


Which one will the Hollywood Horror Night devotees -- and my oh my, are they legion and involved -- pick? Voting ends on June 18 and the announcement is due on the 19th.

By the by, the fan-chosen Scare Zone'll land on the theme park's French Street, if you're wondering about all of the francofrights on offer.

But keep a watch for more announcements regarding the mega screamtastic happening. It may be a fall thing, but the screams get stirred up, all summer long.

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