Halloween Horror Nights: New Titans of Terror Tram

Be brave: Chucky is your host at a seasonal Universal Studios Hollywood happening.

Cruising around the Universal Studios Hollywood back lot, after dark, while on a vehicle dubbed the "Terror Tram"? 

It's a shiver-inducing pursuit many visitors to Halloween Horror Nights, the screamy seasonal extravaganza, enthusiastically opt for each September and October.

But the Terror Tram, which employs the theme park's daytime tours tram, is moving up to the next macabre level in 2017 thanks to a quartet of cinematic baddies, the kind of creepy monsters you generally want to drive away from, not toward.

The creative ghouls behind the maze-filled spectacular revealed the latest eerie attraction on Sunday, Aug. 6 at the ScareLA Halloween convention. But the sunshine of early August can't dispel the chills you may get at reading the following names of the Titans of Terror headliners: Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Leatherface, and Chucky.

So prepare for the brand-new Titans of Terror Tram Hosted by Chucky, regulars of Halloween Horror Nights and new fans, too. 

As with past nighttime tram rides, you'll head out to the shadowy backlot, where iconic villains will await your arrival, possibly (probably) gleefully chuckling at the thought.

In addition to the scares of the tram, the Crystal Lake motel (Jason's haunt), the suburban charms of Springwood (eek, Freddy), and Leatherface's stomping grounds can also be visited, if you dare, at a new Titans of Terror maze.

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Squaring off with just one of those wicked figures is dramatic enough, and the "Child's Play" doll, too, but all four? Best start building up your bravery muscle, and working out some of your deepest fears, well ahead of the 2017 opening of Halloween Horror Nights, which is on Friday, Sept. 15.

As for other back lot features? Fans of the Terror Tram will remember the "War of the Worlds" plane and the actual "Psycho" house as two spooky sights of a night spent wending through natural chaparral, vintage movie sets, and by some of the skin-crawl-iest scenes of the whole Halloween Horror Nights line-up.

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