Dastardly Details Of Halloween Horror Nights RIP Tour Revealed

Looking for the VIP, er, RIP way to savor the scares of the Universal fall fright fest? Read on, if you dare...

What to Know

  • Opens Sept. 14
  • Universal Studios Hollywood
  • Enjoy an "(e)xclusive 'Stranger Things' experience" and several other perks

We're often told, by those who care for us, that we need sustenance to face the day, to approach an important event, or to do our best with what the world will throw our way.

Where, though, among these old bits of wisdom is "filling our tummies before we venture into a pool of villainy, of terrifying mazes, and of scenes so spooky we'll just have to scream our way through them?"

Surely a hearty meal is necessary in this creepy case, too, and the RIP Tour at Halloween Horror Nights will deliver on that energy-building front, and on a number of other fright-related fronts, too.

If the "RIP" part makes you think you'll be a VIP, you're correct, so plan on valet parking — it's included — as well as those amazing "(u)nlimited line privileges via Universal Express access to all mazes, Terror Tram, and available rides."

That's a biggie, but there are more biggies, like the "(e)xclusive 'Stranger Things' experience featuring themed photo ops, props from the popular Netflix series, and scare-actor make-up demonstrations."

A pair of gratis beverages, the chance to visit not one but two lounges, and the aforementioned chance to eat are also the way RIP tour guests'll roll.

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Not just eat, but scarf "Stranger Things"-themed vittles at the gourmet buffet, including Upside Down Sliders.

And the place you'll be scarfing such a surreal supper? The VIP Dining Room.

Look, you need to be fortified before heading into the vast land o' frights that is Halloween Horror Nights. And if you like the VIP life, at least now and then, weaving it through this wickedly fun spectacular is something you'll want to consider.

But consider this: Halloween Horror Nights opens soon, and haunts select nights from Sept. 14 through Nov. 3, so best line up your RIP Tour spot before other ghouls have taken your coveted place.

The tour, which lasts somewhere between five and five-and-a-half hours, is priced from $309-$409. The ghostly must-knows? Float in this direction.

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