Halloween Horror Nights to Conjure Our Holiday Nightmares

Fa, la, eek: "Holidayz in Hell" is the latest fall 2019 maze reveal from Universal Studios Hollywood.

What to Know

  • Universal Studios Hollywood
  • Opens Sept. 13, 2019
  • A "Stranger Things" maze covering seasons 2 & 3 has been announced, too

Holidays are happy times, all in all, but there's a growing ghoulish movement to unearth the merry monsters that hang out at the eerier edges of such occasions.

Yuletide legends like "Krampus" tap into this, but consider that the calender is positively awash in special moments that may possess a more intense character, in addition to their lighter tributes.

Halloween Horror Nights considered just this spooky subject in 2018 via its popular, super-talked-about "Holidayz in Hell" scare zone.

If you've been to the Universal Studios Hollywood autumntime spectacular, you know that a scare zone is different from a maze; the "Holidayz in Hell" scare zone was outside, under the sky, and was far more "open" than a twisty-turny maze, giving it a less intense feel.

The intensity, however, will be way amped up when "Holidayz in Hell" returns to Halloween Horror Nights as a full-on maze in the fall of 2019, beginning on Friday, Sept. 13.

Indeed, this is what's deemed an "original" maze at the event, as it isn't drawn from branded entertainment or a franchise. Halloween Horror Nights has become known for offering fear fans both famous properties, in maze form, as well as the occasional original experience, such as this one.

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Will the Easter Bunny be in the horror-filled house? Hoppity scream.

Will there be mischievous leprechauns from St. Patrick's Day, a gobble-ghoulish Thanksgiving turkey, and the sort of summer-holiday icons that aren't as sunshiny as you remember?

It's a through-the-looking-glass gas, one that flips the holidays we know, creating something creepy, at times humorous, and deeply weird.

This is, by the way, the second maze reveal to emerge from the 2019 Halloween Horror Nights team.

The first? "Stranger Things" will bike back into the multi-week event, only this time you'll geek out over scenes seen in seasons 2 and 3 (which, yes, hasn't even premiered yet).

Do you love the holidays, while also acknowledging that they can be stressful, drama-filled, and, yes, even a little eerie?

Your dream maze is hop, hop, hopping into Halloween Horror Nights on Friday the 13th, this September.

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