Halloween's Early: Eerie Pop-ups Will Haunt a Local Gallery

SugarMynt Gallery in South Pasadena, where "it's always Halloween," just revealed its spooky slate of summer-fun frights.


What to Know

  • SugarMynt Gallery in South Pasadena
  • The gallery, which is located next to the Michael Myers house (seen in the 1978 film "Halloween"), will have a number of outdoor events this summer
  • A Monster PopUp, devoted to classic characters, will haunt the gallery in early August; outdoor screenings are coming up, too

Weeks before the summer solstice dawns, and well ahead of the July's firework-iest night, many Southern Californians can find themselves asking this particular question: When does Halloween first show its glowing and flickering eyes 'round our Halloween-loving region?

In years gone by, the autumn holiday has made a summertime showing at various theme park auditions, the tryouts themed to the major maze spectaculars that have traditionally debuted around September.

But even in this unusual year, the Halloween vibes remain strong in our creative town.

Such vibe-filled fests started shimmering in May 2021, with the Spooky Swap Meet at Heritage Square Museum and the announcement that "Carved," a pumpkin-themed event, would return to Descanso Gardens this fall.

And a South Pasadena gallery also stands at the frightful forefront in 2021, thanks to its just-revealed slate of not-so-scary hot-weather happenings, the sort of happenings that foretell the coming of Halloween.

SugarMynt Gallery, which is located next to the famous Michael Myers movie house (as seen in the 1978 film hit "Halloween), hosts a revolving line-up of eerie exhibits throughout the year.

But when summer is nigh, which means autumn is not too long down the road? Things seem to rev up at the spooky destination, which adds a monstrously merry touch to South Pasadena's small-town charms.

And by "rev up" we mean that a few Halloween-inspired pop-ups will adding eeky cheer to July and August 2021 at the gallery, which boasts a large and airy back area.

Some of the Halloween-y highlights from SugarMynt's summer calendar?

Look for a "HalloweenTown" to-do on July 17 and a monster-themed weekend in early August (you can bet some of the classic baddies'll make a memorable showing).

There are also several outdoor screenings, too, on the gallery's roster. Some of the cinematic selections, like "Coraline," are great for families, while other flicks are made for those who prefer their scares to have plenty of jumps.

The gallery's annual Haddonfield art exhibit, which is devoted to the characters, settings, stories, and one-of-a-kind mood of the "Halloween" films, returns for a multi-week run on Sept. 4, 2021.

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