Hanukkah Family Fest: Skirball Celebration

Enjoy a day of contemporary klezmer tunes, spinning tops, and holiday-fun to-dos.

The concept of illumination during these days that lead into lengthy December nights can be meaningful and multi-prismatic.

Of course illumination, on the surface, means a flame or a bulb or some other source of glow, but glow is also found within relationships and neighborhoods and communities and family celebrations.

The Skirball Cultural Center will, in that sparkling spirit, honor "Light for the People," the theme of the 2016 Hanukkah Family Festival.

The campus-big festivity, which takes place from 11 in the morning through 4 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 18, will include many incandescent concepts in its joy-laden presentations, displays, and activities.

A tour of "Visions and Values," which includes the center's amazing Hanukkah lamp collection, seems like a light-filled first stop, but there are a multitude of happenings during the festival's blithe five-hour run.

Stay near the lamps to hear stories about Hanukkah or venture Zeidler's Café for latkes and Hanukkah-happy treats.

Out on the stages and elsewhere around the center? Contemporary klezmer ditties, sing-alongable Hanukkah favorites, Sephardic vibes, and global flows will have festival goers shimmying, humming, listening, or simply hanging out while savoring the light-tastic scene.

Art to-dos are another bright pursuit, and the ever-popular "Noah's Ark at the Skirball" will be on view (just make sure you get your ticket when you first arrive).

Tickets to this history-deep, family-sweet, luminous-lovely party? They're twelve dollars for adults, $7 for kids ages 2 to 12, and nine bucks for seniors and full-time students.

Ready to love some lit-up festivity-making just ahead of the longest night of the year? Hold that strong flame of an idea close to your heart, and the meaning of Hanukkah, too, as you join this annual bright-of-light Skirball celebration.

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