Happy 125th Birthday, Redondo Beach

A host of "displays, artifacts, and exhibits" will look back at the ocean-air burg's story.

Please, truly, we do fervently implore you to not feel flustered if you didn't get anything for Redondo Beach in honor of its 125th birthday.

No online site devoted to birthday gifts created especially for towns and cities exists, and, as far as we know, no brick-and-mortar store does, either. Nor did Redondo Beach sign up with a registry anywhere, at least to our knowledge.

The easygoing, bright-spirited town simply would have you come as you are — a very breezy Redondo-Beach-esque sentiment — to enjoy the historical, look-back birthday doings scheduled for Saturday, April 29.

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"Both the Historical Museum and the Morrell House will feature displays, artifacts and exhibits" while vintage automobiles will park for a spell at Ruby's Diner. (Old-school wheels will also visit Heritage Court at the museum, too, at 2 o'clock.)

There shall be city-smart speakers ready to talk all things Redondo, too, and refreshments, as befits any birthday party. If you do happen to make a donation, it will help out the museum, to so that's nice and civic-minded. 

Oh goodness, wait: Here's your gift to wonderful Redondo, if you have something to contribute aside from that donation to the Historical Museum. The big 125th birthday is serving as a "launch" point for the "Redondo Beach Memories" project, so if you have something to share, a photo, a menu, something specific to the city, do. Just make sure to make a copy, and read over the specifics before you submit.

Don't rush off to your Redondo Beach-themed file boxes just yet; there's also a well-timed carnival and community party called Springfest just ahead. Yes, it will coincide with the birthday festivities, but in a different place, so make for Aviation Park should you want to ride a ride or have an ice cream or join the spring neighborhood-vibed sweetness.

Springfest whirls from April 27 through 30.

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