Happy 232nd, Los Angeles!

The birthday celebration? An annual walk from San Gabriel to El Pueblo.

What will you do on your 232nd birthday?

If you're like the city of Los Angeles, you'll probably keep to a venerable tradition that incorporates a bit of history, a bit of fresh morning air, and a good deal of walking.

Call it the tried, true, and time-honored way that the anniversary of our storied metropolis is celebrated again and again. The deal? It's a nine-mile trek from San Gabriel Mission to El Pueblo, a walk that recalls the early settlers of the area. Los Poblodores, the settlers were called, but you likely remember that from your studies.

In short, it's a walk with a lot of civic meaning, and you can bet that families with old ties to the city will be out among the walkers.

And they'll be out early. Things get going just after the sun starts to peep up, so you'll need to be at the mission for the 6 a.m. meet time on Saturday, Aug. 31. If you want to bike it, you can, but that starts 90 minutes later (as would be expected).

When everyone reaches El Pueblo around middayish, count on a civic ceremony, demos, and, yep, birthday cake. Even giant cities that are centuries-old like a slice of the sweet stuff, right?

And, like all sweet and homespun birthday parties, this one is free.

Happy 232nd, Los Angeles. We're hoping you'll don a colorful paper hat for the occasion. We'll picture it atop the U.S. Bank Tower, or perhaps perched above the Hollywood Sign.

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