Happy 40th Anniversary, John O'Groats

A delicious giveaway is on for those guests who arrive early to enjoy egg dishes, pancakes, and those famous biscuits.

John O'Groats

What to Know

  • The restaurant, which is well-known for its filling and flavorful fare, is located at 10516 Pico Boulevard
  • The first 40 parties "to arrive for breakfast" on Saturday, Feb. 26 will receive a $40 gift certificate
  • John O'Groats has appeared on several television shows, including "Curb Your Enthusiasm"

Feeling peckish while on Pico Boulevard? Perhaps for a stack of French toast or a griddled-just-right burger?

Chances are good that your reveries will soon turn to the biscuit-based, omelette-rich classics of John O'Groats, the go-to meet-up spot for Westsiders for four flavorful decades.

And when we say "Westsiders" we of course mean "Everysiders": The eatery, which has become famous for its hearty breakfast and lunchtime dishes, has long drawn diners from across the region.

To say "thank you" to these regulars, and treat those pancake-loving, scramble-seeking newcomers who've heard about the restaurant, the staff at John O'Groats is helming a giveaway, one that spotlights its big milestone year.

That would be its 40th anniversary, which the restaurant is celebrating on Saturday, Feb. 26.

As for the gratitude-filled giveaway?

The number "40" is festively front-and-centered, as you might expect: The first 40 parties "to arrive for breakfast" on the morning of Feb. 26 will receive a gift certificate worth $40.

That's going to buy you a lot of biscuits, which is the superstar snackable most associated with the restaurant ("Biscuits From Heaven" is writ large on the venue's distinctive blue awnings).

Of course, there are other favorites to revisit or try for the first time, from the O'Groats Lemon Pancakes to the Crispy Bacon & Sharp Cheddar Waffle. "We've Got Something for Everyone" is the restaurant's appetizing assurance, and the sizable menu supports that promise.

Angelica and Robert Jacoby opened the restaurant on Feb. 26, 1982.

The late Mr. Jacoby formerly owned Bit o' Scotland, a beloved-but-now-shuttered Westside gem that was known for tender fish & chips and spins on a host of traditional dishes, before opening John O'Groats, where he served as a cook and Mrs. Jacoby waited on customers.

Paul Tyler, the Jacobys' son, is now the owner and manager of the enduring family business, which has been at its current location since 1984.

"We love our customers — it's as simple as that," shared Mr. Tyler

He spoke of the "overwhelmingly positive feedback" the restaurant has enjoyed, and how it has appeared in major listings both nationally and internationally, receiving favorable notices in Zagat, TripAdvisor, and other review sites.

"I have so much faith and trust in God and I'm very proud of everything I have," added Angelica Jacoby.

"The key to our success in this business is simple: you have to like people. My son Paul is a real people person — a very nice man who has always been an extrovert. His role here at John O'Groats isn't a job for him —it's his life."

Even if you haven't yet stopped by John O'Groats for a cup of joe, a chat with a friend, and a Tuna Melt or Club Sandwich, you might already be familiar with the dining destination.

It has appeared on "Curb Your Enthusiasm," "The New Girl," an Oscar special featuring Oprah Winfrey, and a host of other television shows.

Happy 40th, John O'Groats!

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