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Happy 818 Day to Valley Mavens Near and Far

Celebrate all things San Fernando Valley, from its cool eateries, big boulevards, and moviemaking lore, with My Valley Pass.

My Valley Pass

What to Know

  • Aug. 18, 2021
  • A new San Fernando Valley flag will be unveiled at Westfield Fashion Square Mall in Sherman Oaks
  • My Valley Pass is helming the celebration, as well as year-round events that celebrate the SFV

How rich, varied, vibrant, neon-bright, and ultra-rad is the enduring and obsessed-over culture of the San Fernando Valley?

You could spend a semester just digging into the tubular area's plethora of pop culture shout-outs, cinematic contributions, and playful paeans, which would be a mighty fine way to spend a semester, all told.

From a bevy of funky films (hey, "Valley Girl") to a string of hit songs (hey, "Valley Girl"), to other hit songs ("Free Fallin," a classic) to more major films ("Boogie Nights," so famous), the Valley lives large in our imaginations.

In our imaginations and before our admiring eyes, too, thanks to the Valley Relics Museum and the many community-important places that continue to colorfully endure, thrive, and connect with loyal fans.

And helping SFV aficionados support their favorite stretch of boulevards, mid-century houses, arty theaters, and most excellent eateries? There is 818 Day, which, of course, happens on Aug. 18, or 8/18, if you prefer.

Like 626 Day in Pasadena and 808 Day in Ventura, 818 Day is paying homage to the date, the area's iconic area code, and, you bet, the Valley's big-big vibe, too.

And a big-big vibe needs a vibrant visual component, which the San Fernando Valley will graciously get at a special Westfield Fashion Square Mall celebration on Wednesday, Aug. 18.

A new San Fernando Valley flag, which has come together under the Valley-loving partnership of My Valley Pass, The Valley Relics Museum and Westfield Fashion Square, will be unveiled at the evening ceremony, which begins at 6 o'clock and ends at, you guessed it, 8:18 p.m. (but of course).

Other happenings will exuberantly happen, Valley-style, like the transformation of the mall's fountain, a fun homage to the shopping center's home turf, and the presence of several local pop-up vendors, too.

There shall be a DJ on hand, because the Valley's soundtrack is always a rocking one, and cookies, too, that boast a certain 818-style sweetness.

"The San Fernando Valley is a place like no other. So much history and accomplishments have come from this area. 818 Day was created as a way to reflect and take a moment to discover new things," shared Oscar Urrutia of My Valley Pass.

"From visiting a local museum to trying a new dish at a local eatery. August 18th will be a day for us to come together and celebrate the place we call home."

For more on 818 Day, and My Valley Pass, a key to the cool culture that seems to be the easy-breezy birthright of the cities that make up the hill-ringed, food-delicious, movie-marvelous area, click.

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