Original Farmers Market

Happy 88th Anniversary, Original Farmers Market

The clocktower'd icon is marking its anniversary with music, pop-ups, activities, and snacky samples.

Original Farmers Market

What to Know

  • The world-famous public market opened on July 14, 1934
  • Third Street and Fairfax Avenue
  • Look for activities, music, samples, and more from July 14-16, 2022

Quiz time: Have people sipped more cups of coffee at the Original Farmers Market or have more years passed since the world-famous public market first opened at the corner of Third Street and Fairfax Avenue?

Answer: "Cups of coffee" is totally and indubitably correct, of course. More caramel apples have been sold, more glasses of chardonnay quaffed, more nights of live music enjoyed, and more tacos savored, too.

Because while the green-of-awning attraction, a meet-up spot for generations of Angelenos, has been around for an impressive 88 years, nearly every day of those 88 years has brimmed with bites, beverages, and all of the delicious foods and beverages that are for sale around the destination.

Which means that a lot of coffee, tacos, hamburgers, egg rolls, clam strips, and just about every other yummy thing is enjoyed by visitors each day, from the close-by locals to out-of-towners disembarking from tour buses to "The Price Is Right" audience members strolling over from CBS Television City for a post-show meal.

After 88 years? That adds up to a lot of great eats and great times, and the Original Farmers Market is ready to celebrate.

July 14 is its official anniversary, but the Farmie-style fun will roll, like one of the pumpkins seen at its long-running Fall Festival, over three celebratory days.

Various pop-ups will offer free samples (Yachak Yerba Mate, Kaylin Pickles, and El Granjero Cantina Salsa Pop-up are on the sample-awesome roster, but do check times and dates), live music will add to the upbeat atmosphere, a Cedars Sinai Blood Drive will help the community, and craft activities will get families involved in the fun.

And this is as sweet as a cinnamon bun or freshly dipped chocolate ice cream cone: There will be drawings for Original Farmers Market gift certificates, too, if you're in a try-for-a-giveaway kind of mood.

Find the full line-up of lively doings and happy hubbub here, from DJs tunes to sticker crafts, and plan your stop-by at this starriest of SoCal stars.

"Meet Me at Third & Fairfax"?

Southern Californians have been happily heeding that convivial call to action for well over eight decades, sipping all of that coffee, eating all of that toffee, and catching up with friends and neighbors at one of the most beloved hangouts in town.

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