Happy 89th, TCL Chinese Theatre

Score 10-cent bags of popcorn and wish the landmark well.

It isn't all that uncommon for the kids living along a particular suburban street to all be about the same age, give or take a few years.

But this age-same theory can extend to some of the most famous landmarks in California, too, thanks to a spate of ambitious construction springing up in certain promising places around certain times.

Look to Hollywood Boulevard, where many a prominent building and business is turning 90, or will quite soon. The Egyptian Theatre marked its 90th in 2012, and Musso and Frank Grill, a block further east, became a nonagenarian in 2009. 

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The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel will celebrate nine decades in 2017, as will its handprint-y, premiere-laden, kitty-corner neighbor, the TCL Chinese Theatre.

But the world's best-known cinema isn't waiting another year to start the party; the Sid Grauman-made, star-in-its-own-right structure plans to give a warm nod to its 89th birthday, which will fall on Wednesday, May 18.

What's a "warm nod" in movie lingo? Think cheapo bags of popcorn. If you're at the 7 p.m. screening of "Captain America: Civil War" you can score the quintessential film food at its 1927 price: 10 cents.

It's hard to find anything for a dime these days, much less a bag of buttery kernel goodness. Snack upon your ten-center, enjoy your Cap, Iron Man, and the gang as they scuffle, and ponder how many pieces of popcorn have been consumed over 89 years inside the vast, IMAX'd theater.

By the by, did you know the TCL Chinese Theatre has another "world's only" to brag about? Beyond all those handprints/footprints out front, of course. It's the world's only IMAX screen with a curtain, which is pretty nifty indeed. Like the future -- IMAX, natch -- meeting the past -- a screen curtain -- halfway.

Cool stuff for an landmark-lovely 89th birthday.

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