Happy 99th Birthday, Musso & Frank Grill

The venerable Hollywood eatery is gearing up for its big centennial.

What to Know

  • Hollywood
  • Opened in 1919
  • Big centennial plans are in the works

The restaurant business is regularly called "hard" and "difficult," both, and statistics about closures within the first year are casually tossed around, even by those who've never worked in the industry.

There are, however, many restaurant success stories, and they don't just involve dining rooms that somehow weathered the first year or even the first decade.

Exhibit A? Musso and Frank Grill, which is celebrating its 99th birthday on Thursday, Sept. 27.

The Hollywood Boulevard landmark, which is known for serving classic vittles like steaks, eggs Benedict, smoked tongue sandwiches, and turkey a la King, could write the book on longevity, creating fans for life, and sticking with what works well.

How long has Musso & Frank Grill, or, as it is more often called, Musso's, been creating cuisine that diners love?

Chew on this: Charlie Chaplin would ride his horse to Musso's, along a dirt road, and that dirt road at that time was, yes, Hollywood Boulevard.

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The current owners of the two-room'd establishment — the "old" room is on the west side and the "new" room, which is also quite antique, is on the east — are members of the third and fourth generation. (The third generation owns, the fourth operates, says the restaurant.)

"It is a source of pride that Musso's has basically had the same owners since 1927," says a statement from the elegant, booth-lined eatery.

Sticking with staff, and staffers sticking by Musso's, is a hallmark, too. There have been three executive chefs in 99 years, all told.

And those strong and spectacular martinis mixed by the expert bartenders? They've been made exactly the same way at Musso's since Prohibition concluded, in 1933.

They're stirred, by the way, if you were wondering. And those snappy olives? Brined by Musso's.

So stop in soon to raise a glass to a hallowed Hollywood restaurant, one that has served oodles of movie stars over the years, and all of the luminaries who love Musso's meals.

That would be you, if you're a Musso's maven, for it is a place where everyone, whether they're in show business or not, feels a little glamorous.

After all, Charlie Chaplin, after he trotted up on his faithful horse, used to dine right there, in booth #1, by the front door in the "old" room.

Centennial plans? They're afoot, so keep watch on Musso's to see what's up for its big 100th year.

We're stirred, not shaken, over this Frankly wonderful anniversary.

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