Happy Halfoween: Halloween Fest Sales

The spooky holiday is half a year away, and the summer Halloween convention has a diabolical deal afoot.

While May 1, or May Day, or the First of Merry May, brims with plenty of petal-sweet, flower-fragrant symbolism, a person could also braid a few pumpkin vines through the occasion, and invite a spider or two to weave a web.

For this is the time of year when we're halfway to Halloween night, and the six-months-out marker is observed under various handles, from Halfoween to Walpurgis Night, and in various ways, from renting a monster movie to seeking out a caramel and/or apple treat.

But for our out-sized, spooky-rific summertime Halloween conventions, Halfoween can mean one thing for fans of goosepimply fun: Ticket savings.

ScareLA, which got its ghoulish start in 2013, is holding a special Halfoween Tickets Pre-scare sale on Friday, April 28. If you're an email subscriber, you'll get a "secret Pre-scare ticketing link," so float, like a ghost, to this page and find out more.

Time and place for the chilling con? Saturday, Aug. 5 and Sunday, Aug. 6 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

And over at Midsummer Scream, which lands, like a raven on a branch at the Long Beach Convention Center over the final weekend in July? There's also a ticket sale haunting fans, through Friday, May 5 at 5 p.m. (so you have a few days past Halfoween to nab a ticket for up to 50% off).

No ifs, ands, or bats about it: Southern California likes its scary stuff, and thousands of fright fans seek out fresh 'n fearsome ways to turn their yards into one-night-only graveyards, their patios into mad scientist labs, and their costumes into something that's worthy of a blockbuster film.

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These titans of terror are where many fans go to learn more about the craft of Halloween, from a caboodle of experts, many from the movie industry. That both Midsummer Scream and ScareLA fall about three months ahead of Halloween speaks to how seriously fans pursue the best yard, the best make-up, the best home haunt: They need time ahead of October to gleefully prepare a whimsical and spooky abode and outfit.

If this is you, fly upon your trusty broomstick to those discount tickets, now.

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