Haunted Little Tokyo Is Back With Ghostly Good Times

A ghost tour, campfire-style tales told virtually, and other atmospheric events are bringing us the October cheer that's famously associated with the DTLA neighborhood.

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What to Know

  • Through Oct. 31
  • Virtual ghost tour, virtual campfire stories, a cocktail demonstration, and more
  • Some events are free, while others have a small fee

While a number of holidays are associated with our homes, the physical places where we reside, Halloween has enduring ties to our neighborhoods.

In past years, a neighborhood-based gathering might include a costume parade, a block party, or trick-or-treating.

Things look different in 2020 because of pandemic-based recommendations, but our neighborhoods will always remain a happy part of the heart of Halloween.

Little Tokyo is one such Halloween-loving neighborhood, and visitors could count on a host of late-October events to pop up around the DTLA district, from pumpkin patches to special (and spooky) film screenings.

Several of those Little Tokyo traditions have temporarily changed this year, but the spirit of the atmospheric occasion remains strong, sweet, and fun.

The major sign?

Haunted Little Tokyo has returned for 2020, and while most of the events on the schedule are virtual, they all possess the panache and paranormal-based thrills of years gone by.

If this multi-day celebration has long been a favorite of yours, check it out: A Virtual Ghost Tour of Little Tokyo, led by Bill Watanabe, the Little Tokyo Historical Society ghost reporter, will shimmer onto our screens as evening deepens on Oct. 24.

The cost? It's ten dollars. The time? It begins at 5 o'clock, so pour something warming and cozy up to your computer.

A "BOO-seum" from MOCA will make its virtual debut on Oct. 25, while the East West Players and Rogue Artists Ensemble will present Virtual Campfire Stories on Oct. 25 as well.

Look for eeky stories on the Facebook pages of both organizations, where it will be streaming.

Other ghostly experiences are ahead, include a virtual to-do called "Do You Believe in Ghosts?" (Metro's On the Move Riders Program is the host) and a cocktail demo event (there's a kit to pick up in advance, so do read all).

There's more not-too-macabre merriment flowing through the fantastically walkable, ever-fascinating community, so scan the whole list now.

It brings a smile to see, in this changed year, that Haunted Little Tokyo continues to bring bewitching glee to the fans who've come to adore spending the mid-autumn around the historic and beautiful neighborhood.

For while many neighborhoods can make a claim to the mantel of Halloween cool, few places are truly as cool, culturally enriching, and deeply enjoyable, throughout the calendar, as Little Tokyo.

But yes: It rocks the Halloween cool so very well.

Pictured (right): The Little Tokyo Ghost Club pin. You can find it at several spots around the area.

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