Have a Lime Time at the Margarita Showdown

Local libations'll get lots of love behind HomeState.

What to Know

  • HomeState
  • Saturday, July 20
  • $20; PATH is the beneficiary

"Showdown" is a powerful word.

It instantly suggests pitting person against person, competitor against competitor, and anyone who wants to square off against anyone else in an epic battle to the end, involving something that is important to the participants.

But when it comes to a certain lime-lovely, salt-rimmed libations?

Well, truth time: Margarita mavens basically want everyone to come in first.

For it is challenging to come across even a so-so margarita, at least around Southern California, and that truism will stand tall, cold, and full of lime-bright flavor on Saturday, July 20.

That's when the Margarita Showdown will line up the glasses. The where-is-it element? Easy: Go to HomeState in Highland Park, or rather the parking lot near HomeState, for all of the spirited action.

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Spirited action that'll see major participants like El Carmen, Gracias Madre, El Compadre, and several other local favorites. EastSide Food Festival is at the co-helm, along with HomeState, of this first-ever showdown, one that costs $20 to attend.

And if you snag one of the soon-to-be released tickets to the event? You'll know that all proceeds will help PATH, People Assisting the Homeless.

There shall be DJs during the early evening affair (actor Fred Armisen will be at the turntable for part of the party), and food for purchase, too, including Moo's Craft BBQ and more.

As for the showdown element? Well, this is where it gets as hard as ice: You'll be called upon to pick a favorite.

We know, all margaritas are winners in your book. But if you head for the Margarita Showdown, at HomeState in Highland Park, you'll have to let your heart lead you to the sip that truly stood out.

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