Have Your Pie Delivered on Thanksgiving

Need a tantalizing Caramel Apple Pie to appear at your door on the holiday? That can happen (with planning) with Mr. Holmes Bakehouse.

Surely someone with a gigantic brain and an obsession with the holidays is currently attempting to invent and patent the <cue synthesizer music> Thanksgiving 4500 SF.

We're talking about an appliance that can sit on your kitchen counter and bing! Instantly produce any dish that you didn't have time to make or that your cousin-in-law forgot to bring or that the oven thoughtlessly burned.

True, the Thanksgiving 4500 SF — that stands for "super fast," but then you surely guessed that — wouldn't be of much use on the other 364 days a year, and you could really use the counter space.

Enter Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, the sweet-tooth'd home of the Cruffin, and enter Pink Dot, too, at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse's side, as well as Postmates.

The begun-in-San-Francisco, now-in-Highland-Park (and Larchmont, too) pastry titan wants to assist Thanksgiving hosts in their meal preparation tasks by offering home delivery of a pair of pies, and Pink Dot will make that delivery dream happen.

Those are? Hello, Caramel Apple Pie and hi there, Treacle Pecan Tart. They're $35 each, and can be ordered ahead of time for delivery on Thursday, Nov. 23 (just head to the Mr. Holmes Bakehouse site to get that gooey goodness going).

Pink Dot will, as mentioned just a few sentences ago, perform the straight-to-your-door services, with Postmates doing the ultimate delivery honors. Price: Ten bucks.

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There are a limited number of pies headed out for day-of delivery, so act now, or swing by before Thanksgiving to buy your pie in-shop, if you're in the vicinity of a Mr. Holmes Bakehouse and crave something caramel-y or treacle-based to finish your feast.

The West Hollywood location of Pink Dot will have the pies in stock, too, but again: These luscious desserts are limited in number, which we never want pies to be, and yet that is the reality we must embrace.

Just like the reality that our homes are not yet graced with Thanksgiving 4500 SF machines, the appliances that can instantly make green bean casserole or sweet potato casseroles.

Kitchen inventors, we're waiting, and not too patiently, either.

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