Headphones + Dinner: Special UNION Event

If you've tried silent disco and silent yoga, prepare for the silent supper experience.

If you've been out, about, and on the town in recent months, you may have come across a curious clutch of headphone-wearing people all participating in something, in unison, but seemingly silently, at least from your vantage point.

Those headphone wearers might be dancing in the middle of a closed-to-cars street, or engaging in a few yoga poses, but whatever is happening inside those headphones is, quite obviously, guiding their actions and enjoyment.

Silent disco and silent yoga, prepare to meet silent supping, for UNION restaurant in Pasadena has joined with HUSHconcerts to give guests an unusual food-and-flows experience on Monday, March 27.

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How will this work? When you reach the California-meets-Northern-Italy eatery, you'll don wireless headphones, then dig into a three-courser of a prix fixe meal. The tunes in your ears? They've been chosen to connect, in theme and feeling, with the cuisine on your plates, and, yep, dessert is included.

Bruce Kalman, the chef and co-owner of UNION, has chosen the playlist (Chef, by the by, is in a band of his own called Foie Grock). Co-owner Marie Petulla is also behind the unusual, gourmet grooves happening.

While your dishes and songs have already been selected, there are two seatings for you to choose from: 6 p.m. and 8:30. The price is $65, though bring more for tax and tip and wine, if you want that, too. There's an opportunity to add on wine pairings for $25.

More "Tasty Tunes" nights are promised for the popular restaurant, down the road.

Surely you prepare your own playlists, at least from time to time, for at-home dinner parties. But going into a public place of dining, and slipping on a pair of headphones, is a bit quirkier, and just may lead to a truly singular mealtime memory.

Music? We like it. Stylish food, too, and trying out new things. Silent discos are here to stay, and they're now flowering in other quarters, such as offbeat restaurant events.

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