Hello Kitty Cafe Truck to Make Merry in Montebello

The treat-filled, oh-so-pink van'll call upon the community on a warm Saturday.

Hello Kitty Cafe Truck

What to Know

  • Saturday, July 13
  • 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • The Shops at Montebello between Macy's & JC Penney

Hello Kitty, that happiness-bringing Sanrio superstar, is said to know just what her friends need at any given time.

If they're feeling a bit blue? Maybe she'll show with a rainbow. If they're in a mischievous mood? Maybe she'll bring some extra smiles.

And if the weather is turning quite hot, and feeling especially July-y?

Her famous Hello Kitty Cafe Truck will arrive, bearing all sorts of fun-making treats and refreshing drinks, the very sorts of snacks one craves when the sunshine is especially bright.

And bright, it shall definitely be, on Saturday, July 13 when the on-the-move merry-maker of a van pops by The Shops at Montebello for a super-cute visit.

Though "pops by" may suggest it won't be there for long, and it will be, for ten hours, beginning at 10 in the morning.

Perhaps the morning is when you'd like to arrive? Both to beat a bit of the coming heat and take your place in line on the early side?

For fans do show up when the truck is in town, in impressive numbers, all to purchase a host of Hello Kitty-themed eats and items.

Something extra sweet about this happening? It's the cafe truck's first time in Montebello. And if you love your Hello Kitty firsts, you'll probably be there for the occasion.

If you've been to the all-pink cafe before, then you know what to expect, but there shall be some new debuts on July 13. Look for a new Sprinkle tee, new sequin bow headbands, and new cafe cushions, all themed to the icon of the day.

There's a four-piece minicake set, too, to round out the new-o-sity of this nice visit.

And if you should spend $25 on food during your visit? A complimentary pink mini-tote shall be yours.

It'll be warm, but it'll be wonderful, as Sanrio brings a different sort of sunshine to the places it calls upon.

And up next, at least for Southern California? It's Montebello, so find your largest bow and call your friends and don your pinkest outfit and plan your grinful outing at once.

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