Hello, Rain: Where to Welcome the Wet Stuff

Remember rain? Wet? Damp? Little droplets? We've got places to enjoy it.

Uttered the words "cozy" or "snug" or "storm" or "puddle" lately? Probably not, but we will guess that you've said "tanning butter" and "SPF" and "sweaty" and "sunburn" with frequency.

We've had quite the toasty winter, you might have heard, with days regularly flirting with the high 80s, and even 90, and nights that aren't as frosty-as-breath as one expects from wintertime.

But the breath frost is returning, and the tanning butter? It shall be stowed. Several days of rain are in the forecast, which means we all may need a reminder of where one goes to play when small droplets of H2O emerge from overhead precipitation-bearing clouds.

Snug up during the rainy weekend at...

A Fireside Spot: The Griffin is plenty nook-like, with a fireside scene to boot, as is its neighbor up Los Feliz Boulevard, Bigfoot Lodge. Want to go for a swanky rustic scene? Book Sunday brunch at Saddle Peak Lodge in Calabasas, and see if you can score a fire-close table. And for pure poshness, do drinks, crackle-close, at West Hollywood's own RivaBella.

A Free Museum: The Hammer Museum in Westwood just ditched its admission earlier this month, meaning a day spent admiring paintings is zilcho dollars. Well, parking below the museum still costs, but you won't need to walk into the elements to get inside. Not squishing in your shoes past the great works of art? That's a bonus.

A Ghost Tour: Serious question here, and we're not joshing: Can a spooky movie be made without showing heavy skies and foggy moors and rain, rain, rain? Where are all the sunshiny ghost stories? If the wet stuff gets you in a supernatural mood, the Queen Mary has plenty of walk-down-shadowy-halls tours going. By night, of course.

A Movie Marathon: Screening all of the Best Picture nominees just hours ahead of the Oscars? It's an AMC Theaters tradition. If the soggy weather hits on Saturday, March 1 keep in mind that select AMC venues will show all nine of those nominees, back-to-back-to-back. Your only chance of getting soaked is if you spill your soda during a surprise twist, so, good news there.

A Snow Day: You've likely heard the rumor that rain, if it gets cold enough, becomes snow. Spoiler alert: It's completely true, and if you haven't gotten some sufficient sledding and snowball throwing in yet, you can check out Big Bear Snow Play. The name says it all: You'll mitten up and frolic in the white stuff. 

Remember the white stuff? And rain? Welcome back, wet times. Please stay for a few days, this go around. We've missed ya awfully.

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