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Help a Good Cause, Receive Free Sourdough Starter

Dr. JJ, a popular local cook and retired pediatrician, will treat those who donate to United Cerebral Palsy of LA to her own special sourdough starter.

Dr. JJ

What to Know

  • Donate to United Cerebral Palsy of LA and Dr. JJ will send you sourdough starter (and cover the shipping)
  • The starter is named Bev, after the cook and retired pediatrician's mom
  • Dr. JJ has cooked and taught classes locally at BLVD Kitchen

Sharing the love, showing someone you care, and treating a great person to a great and wholesome dining experience?

These are emotional and true acts performed by thousands of Southern Californians each day.

And, very often, great bread is the base for any joyful gestures we make in the kitchen or across the dining room table.

Dr. JJ Levenstein, a cook and retired pediatrician, embraces how bread can by a thing of beauty and connection. And to help others to help others, she has offered to send her own personal sourdough starter to anyone who donates to United Cerebral Palsy of Los Angeles.

How to make that happen?

Simply go to the site's donation page, and put "DrJJ Sourdough" in the "in honor of" section.

Dr. JJ will send you your complimentary dried starter and cover the shipping cost, so all of your donation will benefit UCPLA, where she serving as a current board member.

"In the wake of the pandemic and shortfalls in funding, JJ thought that the starter could be a great way to help the organization, as they continue to bring quality of life into the homes, apartments and programs that UCPLA supports," a recent statement revealed.

The starter even comes with a meaningful and delightful name: Bev, in memory of Dr. JJ's mom.

And a flavorful fact? Both Bev (as in Dr. JJ's mother, not the starter) and Dr. JJ were born and raised in the City by the Bay, further upping this particular starter's authenticity and star cred.

Foodie fans of Dr. JJ know her from her cooking classes at BLVD Kitchen, as well as her artisan food line KIDDOCJJ.

You can read more about Dr. JJ and her wonder starter at her Instagram page, or go directly to the United Cerebral Palsy of Los Angeles site to donate now.

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