Help Build a CAN-Tree and Give Back

The FOOD Share can drive moves from Oxnard to Ventura in 2017.

What to Know

  • Dec. 1-3, 2017
  • New location: Figueroa Plaza in downtown Ventura
  • It takes around 600 cans to create a CAN-tree

Called upon The Collection at Riverpark in Oxnard over the last few years, right after Thanksgiving? Perhaps you had a bit of holiday shopping to wrap up, or the relatives were still around and the destination proved to be a pleasant, time-passing outing for you all?

Then you likely spied one of the most interesting sights around: Tree after tree constructed solely from canned goods. Nope, we're not talking about the kind of trees with branches and leaves, but rather towers made of food, food destined to be donated to FOOD Share, Ventura's County's Food Bank.

Teams comprised of family members, co-workers, and friends get together to both collect or gather cans and then to build the trees, which isn't the quickest of processes.

But seeing these beautiful symbols of giving-back-a-tude rise over the course of a few days is quite touching, as is the efforts of everyone involved.

You could be that person, if you'd like to find a team of your own. The 2017 CAN-Tree Drive happens from Friday, Dec. 1 through Sunday, Dec. 3 at Figueroa Plaza in downtown Ventura. Note this is a new location, and while the CAN-trees have been an Oxnard feature for the last few years, you'll want to go Ventura this time-around to help out.

Can't make it, or would love to stop by to see the trees, even if you won't build on this year? You can still donate and help FOOD Share.

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If you do want to participate, keep in mind that a CAN-tree is generally made up of 600 cans, give or take. You can hold your own drive, or buy those, or make a donation and receive the cans you need.

There's more info here, on signing up and what you need to know.

Definitely, though, stop by and see these trees if you haven't yet. They're decorative and eye-catching, yes, like many things seen around this time of year.

But these special trees, built with love and hope, possess an important role in the community: Note that "...(y)our help goes directly into feeding the 1 in 6 Ventura County residents who is still food insecure."

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