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Help One Another With Big Sunday's ‘Summer List'

Find a line-up of give-back projects around Southern California, all season long.

Yevhenii Dubinko

What to Know

  • Big Sunday
  • A line-up of summertime volunteer opportunities is live
  • LA Regional Food Bank, Alexandria House, Pasadena Educational Foundation, more organizations

So you've spent the last few Mays contributing to the community in a host of life-bettering, spirit-gladdening, let's-do-better ways?

Chances are strong that you were part of Big Sunday's "A Month of Big Sundays," the May-long campaign to bring the essence of volunteering to the people of Southern California through a large line-up of pitch-in happenings.

But just because May is over doesn't mean that you can't connect with the organization's ample programming schedule, if you want to find a route to helping out neighbors in different and important ways.

Big Sunday's lengthy "The Summer List" is live, meaning you can peruse a plethora of join-in volunteer events.

Oh, and if you're not familiar with Big Sunday, here's what they do: They help. The group's mission states "Big Sunday connects people through helping. Absolutely everyone has some way that they can help somebody else. "

As for what prospective volunteers can find on The Summer List?

"Projects helping all kinds of people, in all kinds of ways" is the uplifting call-to-action.

Those projects include signing up for time at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank ("(v)olunteers are needed to help sort, inspect, and repackage donated food items from local food drives") and prepping produce at the MudTown Farmers Market in Watts.

Cleaning neighborhoods along with LA Family Housing, helping the arts programs at the Inner City Arts' campus, and mentoring with the Pasadena Educational Foundation are also on the 2020 Summer List of volunteering possibilities.

You can donate, too, to these programs.

Find out more about all of what Big Sunday does, from its holiday give-back goings-on (like the Thanksgiving Big Stuffing event) to what it does for our city, all year long.

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