Here It Is: Cinespia's June Film Schedule

"Spirited Away" is the first work in a classics-packed month.

What to Know

  • Hollywood Forever
  • June 2018
  • $16-$20

The months of May and June are the closest of buddies, at least around Southern California, if months can be said to possess best friends. 

Which, why not? 

Other cities may also experience tight-knit fifth and sixth months, too, or other monthly pairings that seem to be as solid, but around LA, with our May Gray and June Gloom? We've got a matching set, month-wise, in tone and feel and general vibe.

Disagree, if you like, but you know where we're coming from.

But only one of those months has a bit of summer to it, officially — spoiler alert, it's June — which means that when a major series stretches over both months, a series famously associated with summertime, it can really feel like May is a prelude and June is when things get jumping.

It's Cinespia we speak of here, the consistently beloved, devotedly picnicked cinema soirée that pops up at Hollywood Forever starting in the spring and ending in September each year, for the past 17 years.

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The cemetery setting, those mesmerizing palm trees of great height, the classic films... Call it quite the summer must-do for thousands of movie-loving Angelenos.

And June, the summer-starting month, has just bloomed with five new flicks as of April 18.

That's when Cinespia revealed its Junetime line-up, with Miyazaki's magical "Spirited Away" leading off on June 2 and "Vertigo" bidding the month goodbye, Hitchcockily, on Saturday, June 30.

"To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar" will screen in honor of Pride Weekend on June 9, while "Alien" will follow on the Saturday after that Saturday, June 16.

And "Raiders of the Lost Ark" runs from the big boulder on Saturday, June 23.

Tickets are $16 through $20 and are available now.

If you didn't get a chance to pore over the May films, do so now, since May is days away, really.

The first film of the month, like the first film showing in June, has a deep connection to childhood, memory, and mystery: It's "The Neverending Story," which flies on Saturday, May 12.

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