Here's the Hole Picture on National Doughnut Day

Sweet-flavored specials and offbeat eats are the confection-cool vibes come June 7.

What to Know

  • Friday, June 7
  • Dunkin', Krispy Kreme, and Voodoo Donuts have deals
  • DTLA Donut Fest is at Union Station on Saturday, June 8 (entry $5)

How most things mostly work, when it specifically has to do with dining out?

Here it is: If something is amiss with the food you ordered, you'll likely tell the server, in polite and considerate tones, what the issue is with the item on your plate.

And yet?

Every single day, millions of people order an edible icon with an obvious hole in it, a circular negative space that the customer can detect even prior to purchasing the foodstuff.

What gives with giving us a goodie that's been so clearly be-holed?

Hello, it's a doughnut, and whether it has that traditional, never-mess-with-it hole in the middle, or it is long, like a Long John, or it is knobby, like a bear claw, or it is filled, like a Boston cream, matters not: We love, love, LOVE them.

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So hole'd on for this: June 7 is National Doughnut Day, which means some places'll have money-saving specials, some places'll have celebratory or offbeat doughnuts for sale, and all places making doughnuts deserve our business, if we like them and we indeed love doughnuts.

Which we do. 

Dunkin' has a keep-your-cash deal on for June 7, and here it is: Purchase a beverage, snag a complimentary doughnut. Hello and thank you and yum.

Krispy Kreme is going to attempt to give away "1 million doughnuts" on June 7. So, yep, and hurrah, and we're rolling now: "Any Doughnut FREE" is what's cooking, er, baking.

Voodoo Doughnuts, at Universal CityWalk, is selling those luscious Homer doughnuts for a buck on June 7. No "d'oh!" here, only dough, and delicious dough, too.

DTLA Donut Fest is popping up at Union Station on the day after National Doughnut Day — repeat, that's the day after the holiday, so we're talking about Saturday, June 8 here — and several sticky-amazing, sweet-icing'd purveyors of local doughnut goodness will be there. Bring money to buy treats, and five bucks to get in, and then luxuriate in one lip-smacker of a celebration. 

Walmart will be giving away a total of 1.2 million donuts to celebrate. The freebie is limited to one per person at all Walmart Supercenter locations.

Special doughnuts? Those are yeasting it up around Southern California, too, just in time for June 7. Trejo's Coffee & Donuts has a glittery doughnut (apricot is the glitter glaze's flavor), as well as a Chicharrón doughnut topped with maple glaze, salt, and tajin.

Tajin should be present in 98% of all doughnuts, and that is that.

It's also Pride Week, and Trejo's, as well as both locations of Astro Doughnuts and Fried Chicken, have special doughnuts for sale.

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