Here's Your Holiday Hotel Deal, People of Santa Monica

Call the city home? Then you can find great local hotel discounts through Jan. 19, 2018 via the Extra Bedroom Program.

What to Know

  • Hotels discounts are available to Santa Monica residents
  • The deal ends on Jan. 19, 2018
  • 18 participating hotels

Okay, look. If you live in Santa Monica, you don't need us, or anyone, informing you that there is a beautiful, sometimes-blue, sometimes-super-blue ocean directly due west of wherever you happen to be in the city at any time of the day or night.

You don't need this information, because you already possess this information. It might even be why you chose Santa Monica to settle in (we'll brazenly guess the presence of the Pacific played a major factor in your decision, if we might). 

And you know who else knows about your enviable proximity to the Pacific Ocean? Your beloved cousins. Your sister-in-law's best friend's son. Your college roommate, and her sister-in-law's best friend's son. And while you adore them all, or you're looking forward to becoming acquainted, you know that the holidays will mean a substantial amount of hosting on your part.

Which can be wonderful, but at times stressful, and if your home is due to be packed with a stream of visitors in the coming weeks, it might be worth considering the Extra Bedroom Program from Santa Monica Travel & Tourism, which just opened for 2017.

What is the Extra Bedroom Program? Some 18 area hotels are offering discounts to residents of Santa Monica, should they need that "extra bedroom" over the holiday season.

But the discounts will extend beyond even Christmas and New Year's, with a final date of Friday, Jan. 19, 2018.

On the list of participating inns? The Georgian Hotel, Hotel Casa del Mar, Days Inn Santa Monica, Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel, and the Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows.

The discounted rates are posted on the Extra Bedroom Program site, as well as the regular rack rate, which will give you insight as to exactly what the deal is, dollar-wise, hotel by hotel.

What you'll need to do to secure one or more of these deals is this: Let the hotel know you live in Santa Monica when you ring to book a room. And, yes, you'll want to have identification handy at check-in, to show the inn that you really do call the city home.

So you got it: You'll need to accompany your guest to the hotel when they register, with ID in hand, but, after that, you're free to return home to holiday prep, gift wrapping, or the 117 other must-dos on your list. (Who'll be covering the price of the room is, of course, up to you and your guest, so maybe bring that topic up sooner than later.)

Okay, look. You're excited to see your visitors in the weeks ahead, and they're surely stoked to call upon Santa Monica for a couple of nights. But might you enjoy a little breathing space while they retreat to their hotel room to also enjoy the same?

You more than might. The season is famously frenetic, and extra elbow room, come the time of merrymaking, has a way of making everyone a skosh merrier.

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