Heritage Square Mourning Tours: Victorian Halloween

Delve into an historical aspect of the spookiest season among a spectacular stand of 19th-century homes.

How many flavors of candy might typically be found inside a single treat bucket by the end of Halloween night?

That depends on how many homes a trick-or-treater visits, of course, and over how large an area, and what the treat trends happen to be for that particular region.

How many flavors of Halloween events are there in a city like Los Angeles and its expansive environs?

The types of to-dos are plentiful, from horror mazes to fright screenings to costume parties to daytime happenings that are fun for families.

But finding a late-October gathering that has a strong historical component, in addition to a lightly eerie atmosphere, is like searching out that hard-to-find caramel butter swirl at the bottom of your bucket.

No more digging is required, though, history buffs: Heritage Square Museum's annual Halloween & Mourning Tours will once again don the veils and lace on Saturday, Oct. 28 and Sunday, Oct. 29.

The spot? The handsome grouping of 19th-century, moved-from-another-spot structures that stand grandly near the 110 Freeway north of downtown.

The purpose? It's an event that delves into  the "... death and mourning etiquette during the Victoria era, the movement of Spiritualism, and how other cultures celebrate and remember their loved."

The scene? The afternoon affairs will include a number of people in period dress, too, for added authenticity.

Do note: Sunday's program will be "more family friendly" with the inclusion of ye olde harvest crafts and games suited to visitors ages 2 to 12. Trick-or-treat fun, and tales that may deliver a thrill and/or chill, are also on the Oct. 29 schedule.

The price to travel back to a Victorian-era Halloween? It begins at $20 for adults, seniors over the age of 65 are $15, and kids 6 to 12 have an $8 admission.

No jumping-out ghosts are expected, we don't think, though some say those atmospheric, floor-creaky buildings boast a phantom or two. 

But for a more here-and-now vibe, or here-and-then, rather, with a fascinating thread of history to follow, turn your carriage for Heritage Square over the last weekend of October 2017.

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