Hike by the Light of the Cold Moon

Join a free Full Moon Hike at Franklin Canyon Park.

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What to Know

  • Friday, Dec. 13 from 6-8 p.m.
  • Meet at the Lower Ranch parking lot
  • Free

The moon and you?

You go way back.

You may have even enjoyed some moonlight on the first day of your life, if our lunar satellite happened to be just outside your nursery window.

For the moon, we don't need to tell you, is rather old. It's older than you, me, and many, many, many other things, and spending some time with it, or at least basking in its silvery beams, has a way of settling all of our pricklier parts.

The very parts that seem to get a touch pricklier, or at least a little more tender, during the holiday season, when emotions can run high.

How to commune with our planet's nearest neighbor, and not spend any money, because we already seem to be spending money in plenty of other places this season? By joining a spirit-lifting, nature-connecting free hike in Franklin Canyon on the evening of Friday, Dec. 13.

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Why yes, it will be guided, and, for sure, we're talking about the Cold Moon, a full moon, which ushers in some of our longest nights.

Can families join? For sure, but note that the hike is designated as having a "moderate incline," and it covers around two miles, plus another half mile on top of that.

You'll want to dress for a chillier night, but, of course, if you get warm, do have a way that you can remove a layer, if necessary.

And is Dec. 13 a Friday the 13th? It is, indeed, but lucky you: A free way to commune with the moon is right ahead, which is about as fortuitous as future events get.

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