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‘Hocus Pocus' to Be a Frequent Focus at This Outdoor Film Series

The magical movie will show several times throughout the month and three times (!) on Halloween Eve.


What to Know

  • Rooftop Cinema Club has three locations around LA: El Segundo, DTLA, and the Arts District
  • "Halloween" (1978), "The Blair Witch Project," and "The Cabin in the Woods" are on the October schedule (check location before purchasing ticket)
  • A pair of "Wooftop" screenings will raise a howl at the El Segundo and Arts District locations

How much hocus can you personally pocus during the month of October, generally speaking?

That may be a tricky question to answer, especially if your impulse is to choose "a whole lot of hocus" and "plenty of pocus" among your responses.

Wherever you stand on matters involving hocus-ing and pocus-ing, especially when the most ensorcelled of months arrives, you'll be of good cheer when you hear this Halloween-y news: Rooftop Cinema Club will fill its screens with Sanderson-style sass throughout October, giving the timeless sisters full cinematic reign.

True, the Arts District, El Segundo, and DTLA locations won't be showing the beloved Disney flick around the clock, but it will merrily materialize several times throughout the month.

And on Oct. 30? You can bet your Binx that something special will be served up: "Hocus Pocus" will screen three times in a row, all to add a supernatural sheen to All Hallows Eve Eve.

Of course, the sorcery-centered celebrating will spring up at other points of the Rooftop Cinema Club schedule, with witch-themed films alighting upon the weekend of Oct. 22 and 23. "Practical Magic," "The Blair Witch Project," and other coven-cool treats are on the schedule.

Look also for a pair of "Wooftop" screenings, giving humans and hounds a chance to enjoy a film together. "Edward Scissorhands" will screen in El Segundo on Oct. 21 and "Beetlejuice" will be summoned on Oct. 25 in the Arts District. (Both films feature pups in brief but memorable cameos.)

"Nope," "Coraline," and "The Ring" are also shimmering into frightful flickful existence on the schedule, but do note where you'll be heading when you purchase your ticket, and when, as every destination boasts its own unique line-up.

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